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Trouve Lounge - The Trouvé series has a new member in the family. The new Trouvé Lounge has one long and two short legs support an triangle to egg shaped table top. The table will be available with wooden tabletops and steel legs.


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"The question is the concept for the design of the answer"

  - Gerard der Kinderen, 2004

Tables with Character

Created with Passion, Designed in Simplicity

Produced in the Netherlands, using high tech CNC machinery combined with traditional craftsmanship, means short delivery times and high quality. The collection consists of tables designed to be used indoors, in the home, the office or in the hospitality market. A part of the collection can be used outdoors as well.

Awarded the Good Industrial Design Award


A Brand for Professionals

Architects and interior designers want to apply products that will optimize the concept of the project. Not only the design of the product counts but also the materials used, the way it’s produced, availability in the optimum sizes, etc.

A product is only then good when it meets the specific needs of the client.

We understand that, because we are designers ourselves. That’s why we produce our products on specific order specifications. You choose our design, express your wishes regarding materials, sizes, colours and we start producing it for your project. ZinX is all about your table.

Affordable Luxury

If it ‘fits like a glove’ you could speak of ‘ultimate luxury’. That also applies to our products that can be produced according your project needs. We are designers ourselves, understand that and know how to make it happen. Made for your project, that’s an affordable luxury.

Optimal Customization

The design possibilities are nearly endless. Using traditional craftsmanship and high-tech machinery we can achieve that. On request, we look like at your specific needs.

Professional Consultants

Our furniture only comes into their own when dimensions and materials are chosen optimally. We like our products therefore to be advised by professionals. Optimum customer satisfaction is also our goal.

Dutch Production

All furniture is manufactured in the Netherlands by traditional craftsmen. Social sustainability and honest materials are our principles. Local production is essential for short delivery times and optimal quality control.

About ZinX

A Story About Furniture

ZinX® is a brand created by the dutch designer Gerard der Kinderen in 2009.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and build to last. Honest materials, such as oak, walnut, glass, leather, aluminium and zinc are the most important ones, combined with an honest design. Simple, basic, but with a soul.

Our designs can be found in homes, offices and hotels around the world.

Several design awards were won and architects appreciate ZinX with its ‘made to measure’ possibilities to suit their projects. The collection consists of tables that have character and will last longer than a lifetime.

Gerard der Kinderen


About 25 year ago I studied product design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven but after that study I started a communication agency. After 20 years I decided to make a radical career switch and sold this company to regain my passion of designing furniture.

From 2008 I concentrated on designing and composing a collection of tables for the new label ZinX which I introduced in 2009. During that period I also developed the Local World Table concept, which was revealed in Milan 2009. Some of the versions became part of the ZinX collection. From that time I kept on adding new designs to the collection of ZinX, all inspired by customers and interior-architect needs.

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